3 Home-Based Businesses You Could Start For Next to Nothing

I’m frequently asked for home-based business ideas and my advice is usually the same…

Find something you *like* to do and turn it into a home-based business! And if you are lacking in space for stock or equipment then a great tip we’ve used in the past is to use some self-storage as it’s cheap and secure, like this really good self-storage for business in Dunstable.

It’s really that simple. πŸ™‚

That being said…

Of all the home-based businesses you could possibly start, a home-based “service” business is one of the easiest to start as it doesn’t require a “product” and, depending on the service offered, usually requires very little, if anything, in the way of initial startup costs.

A home-based service business is simply one that provides a needed (the key word here is *needed*) service to individuals, families, small businesses, and/or large companies. Home-based service businesses run the gamut from mowing neighbors’ lawns to managing business accounts for large companies.

Besides requiring little, if anything, in the way of initial startup costs, because you’re already paying rent or a mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc., and, at least initially, you’d be your sole “employee”, the overhead (in my opinion one of the biggest killers of businesses there is) of a home-based service business, by its very nature, is nil or darn close to it, thus enabling it to be profitable from day one.


With the Internet as your potential customer base…

For at least some home-based service businesses anyway…

The world can be your “playground”! πŸ™‚

To get your thinking started in the right direction with the Gen Z you can find a way of getting a good education other than college. Here are just three of the many home-based service businesses you could start for next to nothing:

Home-Based Service Business #1 – Virtual assisting.

Virtual assisting has become very popular over the last ten years or so. With little more than a computer, fax machine, telephone, and an Internet connection, which odds are you already have, you could perform various administrative and/or technical tasks for individuals, families, small businesses, and/or large companies.

The list of potential services you could offer as a virtual assistant is limited only by your skills and imagination.

Home-Based Service Business #2 – Transcription.

Transcription can be a highly profitable home-based business venture. As it’s far easier, less time consuming, and more accurate to record an interview, meeting, or seminar, and offices for businesspeople, and thee offices could even be renovated with services from Restyle Innovations online.

As a home-based, self-employed transcriptionist, your “job” would be to turn those audio or video files into a document. If you need to work on your PDF files while you’re on the move, you can just sign in to web app through any web browser, on any tablet.

Home-Based Service Business #3 – Ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is simply writing articles, books, brochures, ebooks, reports, and more for individuals and/or businesses.

Using your writing talent, you could make a lot of money creating written works, printed and/or electronic for others who need them although for this you can use services of printer leasing sydney to manage all your printing documents needs, but don’t have the inclination, talent, and/or time to write them themselves.

If you’ve been looking for a home-based business you could start for little or nothing in the way of upfront costs and if you have a skill or talent that can meet a need, then a home-based service business may be just the ticket to freedom you’ve been looking for.